Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I don't drive much, so it took awhile, but my 2000 Jeep Cherokee just had a big birthday: Here's to the next 40,000, which will, at this rate, probably take even longer!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Update

Stop the presses, I'm going to talk about knitting! Yes, folks, I really am. I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew with my Ravelympics goal of finishing three WIPs. I had hoped to finish the Anais top, the Bayu wrap top, and the secret gift project. However, when I made this plan I was under the mistaken impression that the Olympics lasted a week longer than they do, and now that I've realized my error, I'm thinking the odds of me meeting my goal are pretty slim. Regardless, I have been trying. I've made loads of progress on the secret project, and I think I can finish that, and I also think I can finish Anais if I actually get it out, since I only have one lace sleeve cap to go (plus the sewing on of said sleeves). But, the Bayu top might be an issue - I hadn't worked on it at all until Thursday night, when Anne-Marie was over to watch the Olympics. She pointed out that it wasn't going to knit itself and that maybe I should get on with it, so I did. I hadn't worked on it for at least a month because I had finished the straight part of the back and was on the shoulder shaping, and I had decided that I was going to do it with short-rows instead of stairstep decreases, but I got confused. I had done short-rows on Anais and it seemed really obvious to me when I did that, but the Bayu has a lot more decrease rows and more sloping shoulders, so I was concerned that it wouldn't work. So I decided to put a lifeline in before proceeding, just in case I messed it up, but it ended up being unnecessary. I finished the back, and yesterday I cast-on the right front wrap piece. I'm in the seed stitch morass right now, but then it will get exciting. Or at least faster, being stockinette. Here's the back piece - I'm glad I put the lifeline in because it really allows you to see how the short-row shaping works. It's so much tidier than bind-off decreases, and leaves live stitches so that the shoulders can be grafted (or three-needle bound-off, which is my intention) instead of seamed, which is also a lot neater. I tried to impress Dave with it, since he's had to sit through my expositons on the miracle of short-rows before, but he was nonplussed. Although I think he understands the general concept now, which is something. The man is a saint - he has to sit through SO much chatter about knitting, and walk around so much yarn, and get yelled at for sitting on the knitting so often. Then again, I am also a saint, since I have to trip on spare bike tubes, and get tangled in handlebar tape, and accidentally knock over carbon wheels in the night while getting a drink of water.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is how I'm feeling this week. Now, before you say anything, let me explain. This week:
1) Anne-Marie defended her thesis, making her Dr. Dr. Anne-Marie, MD, PhD! She also has a Masters, which means she has almost a whole alphabet after her name these days...
2) Kristen had her baby, Alexander, who was born yesterday at 7:50pm and weighed in at 8 lb 15 oz!
3) Jennifer gathered the lunch knitters together to tell us that she is pregnant, and due in February. I admit we all saw this one coming, even though I think she was trying to surprise us...
4) Rachel is defending her thesis tomorrow. Surely it will be a great success and a smashing party to follow on Saturday.
5) Craig (my labmate) and his wife bought a house.

Me? I've been watching the Olympics and debating with Dave over whether or not we should go to Victoria for a long weekend in September. Seriously, compared to everyone else I am very ordinary these days. BUT, don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not complaining, I am SO happy for all of them I feel I could burst!

Oh, and about the vampire "problem" I've been having? I've decided that it's best not to obsess alone, so I've created four newborns here in Seattle. Just call me Victoria...

Ah, and because I wouldn't want to not have any photos, here is the yarn I bought at Stitch & Pitch last week: It's a mitt kit (say that a few times fast) by Ruth Sorensen using the Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Anne-Marie bought one as well (in a different pattern), so we'll be having a knitalong some day soon, although it'll probably be after she moves back to Montreal (which we aren't discussing).

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Someone save me from the vampires...

Title will be explained later.
Last night Anne-Marie and I went to the Mariners Stitch & Pitch. We even won the game (walk-off home run!), which is almost a miracle considering how bad the Mariners have been this year. The game was fun, and there were a lot of vendors this year. I bought a colorwork armwarmer kit that I'll show off as soon as I take a picture of it. It was a beautiful night - I didn't even need my sweatshirt, let alone the scarf/hat/armwarmers that I brought. Here you see the field (obviously). There aren't any photos of me knitting because I was working on a secret project. In fact, the reason you haven't seen any knitting lately is because this secret project is pretty much all I've been working on. And I haven't been knitting much because I've been in a Twilight-induced haze (which I don't even want to begin to get into discussing) since I came back from Chicago. I need to get out of the haze though - my apartment is a mess, I've forgotten how to do science, and my friends probably think I've gone insane (not impossible). Although I have already gotten two of them obsessed with the books as well - it's good to pass around the crazy.
I've signed up for the WIP wrestling event of the Ravelry Olympics. I liked the idea of starting something new and then finishing during the games, but I'm really into the secret project I'm working on, and it's a gift so there are time constraints. So, I'm going to try to finish that, as well as my long-suffering Anais and the Bayu bamboo top (those are Ravelry links). We'll see how it goes - I'll try to keep you posted, if I can keep my mind off the vampires long enough to type something coherent!