Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new hat...

Man, am I cranking out the knitting this year!!! This is the fifth FO of 2007, and it's only early February! I'm sure you're wondering what the others were, since you've only seen the Embossed Leaves socks and the woven scarf. I've also made these clogs for my mother's birthday, which were a great success.

This was my fourth (!) pair of felted clogs and I have to say that I'm about done with them although I'd really like to have some of my own...These were knit with Plymouth Galway, in the ever-excitingly-named colors 718 and 92. I got the yarn whilst home at Christmas (my last yarn purchase before the Great Fast of '07) and had to smuggle it home a) so my mother wouldn't see it, and b) so she wouldn't yell at me for acquiring more yarn.

I also finished a pesky little scarf I've been working on FOREVER, but I'll wait another day to show that off, since I have a slew of hat photos. Dave had some fun with this one...

First there's the lovely "from the side close-up for detail" shot:

Then many more followed, and finally the "please no more" shot:

My hair is getting really long...but I digress.

Project Stats: Rio hat

Yarn: Rio de la Plata Lana del Artista, color LA 89 (also a very inventive color name - how do they do it?). Purchased at Weaving Works sometime last year.

Pattern: I made it up, based on Kim's Hats pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

Needles: Size 9, circular and DPNs.

Time to knit: Not long. Hours rather than days, especially if I'd have gotten it right the first time...

Impressions: Hehe. This is the hat I started, and finished at Madrona, only to discover that I had been a bit overzealous and knit about two inches too far before starting the crown decreases. So, last Saturday I dug into the suitcase of courage and ripped it out, which was much less traumatic than expected. This is some grabby yarn - the stitches just stood there and waited to be picked up, like tiny woolen hitchhikers. I really enjoyed working with this yarn, and I love my hat, so I kind of wish I could go buy more and make another, but I will behave myself. Now, you all know how I feel about Manos, but I have to say that this stuff is at least as nice and significantly softer. Not as soft as Malabrigo, but probably right in the middle. And no pooling. Great stuff. I had quite a bit left over, but probably not enough to do anything useful with. We'll see.

I'm at the toe decreases on my first Step sock, and I've stalled a bit to consider my options. Progress photos soon, I promise, and a finished So-Called Scarf!


Rachel said...

You could have a sixth FO, a big one, if you just made seaming happen... at this rate we could have a seaming party when I put together the broken lizard.

Marisol said...

Cute pictures Emily:) Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

Emily, Your dad and I like the hat and love the pics. love, mom