Monday, October 27, 2008

Tea Swap Package!

While I was in Vermont I received a lovely package from Victoria (raveling here) as part of the most recent Ravelry "Be Excellent" tea swap:Tea Swap Package from Victoria
I know you want a close-up, so here's the yarn, which is Plymouth Happy Feet. Plymouth Happy FeetWhen I opened the package I laughed out loud (lol!) because I bought the same yarn in the same color (on the left) in Vermont.
Victoria did a great job figuring me out - I love the mug (I've used it almost every day in the last two weeks, it's the perfect size), and I've tried (and very much enjoyed) two of the three teas so far, and there are some super cute felted polar bears in the Interweave Felts that I'm excited to make. Thanks, Victoria, I love my package!

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