Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Old!

How old? Check out these custom M&Ms my mom sent me last week:How cool are they? In case you can't read them, they say, "Emily's 30 WOW." And they're my favorite colors as well :)

I know I've vanished - I'll try to be back soon. Here's a brief update! I went to Florida. It was fun. I've been knitting. But nothing complicated. I think I'm going to abandon the Petal Halter. I finished my second Clapotis. It's great. I'm trying to schedule my thesis defense. Scary. Therefore, I have to write my thesis. Scarier. And find a job. Scariest...

But today is my birthday, so I'm keeping a positive attitude!!!


robin said...

Happy Birthday!!! You're not old, because if you are, that makes me old plus seven years. LOL. Why are you abandoning the Petal Halter? That one seems like it would be difficult to get the fit right on.

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Birthday!
Teal M&Ms, yum!
Welcome to the 30s...

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