Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm packed. I'm ready. I'm stressed. Somehow I am taking TOO MUCH stuff home with me. I'm pretty sure I never take two suitcases home with me, but this year I am. The big one will be checked, and the small one will be carried on along with my purse. This will also be checked:

The fish, not the cat. Assuming of course that Oliver hasn't gotten into the box and stolen the salmon before we head to the airport...In the box is 2 pounds of wild King salmon and 3.5 pounds of Dungeness crab, fresh off the boat. Packed to stay frozen for 36 hours. We'll see about that. The fish was requested by my mother and her friend Marlene, who both visited me last August. They took some fish home and have been raving about it ever since, so I'm taking a shipment to them. This is why I'm carrying on a suitcase - normally I would just check both but I have to check the fish - there is no way in hell I'm trekking around O'Hare for 3.5 hours with a box of frozen fish. Speaking of O'Hare...I have to be there for 3.5 hours. This isn't horrible, but when I bought my tickets (from Travelocity), I was supposed to have an 1.5 hour layover before flying onto Cleveland, arriving there around 8:30, at a decent hour for my parents to pick me up and drive home to PA while still getting a good nights sleep for work on Friday. Two weeks post-purchase I got an email that my flight had been changed, and I now arrive at 10:30. Same flight, later arrival. I'm irritated. That's 2 HOURS. Not 10 minutes, not 1 hour, but 2 hours! What if I had to be somewhere at 9:00? Eh...and my poor Dad will be up really late retrieving me :( But I will have a lot of knitting time, right? There is always a positive!

Speaking of the knitting, I am bringing lots of it. I acquired some grey and medium blue Cascade 220 for more felted clogs, so that is coming, and my grandmother's second sock. That is the plane knitting. In the (non-checked, just in case) suitcase is the so-close-to-being-done So-Called Scarf and several skeins of armwarmer yarn, in the hopes that I can knit a few pairs whilst at home for my mother to sell at school. We'll see.

Oh, look what Dave got me for Christmas! An iPod Femto!

Really it's an iPod Shuffle, but iPod Femto (10E-15) sounds much cooler, no? I'm SO excited about this, it was one of the things I really really really really wanted for Christmas! Sadly I can't play with it since all my music is on my laptop at work, but I'll be getting it going first thing after Christmas break! Thank you Dave, I love it!!!

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Oliver said...

Oh how they tease me! Day in and day out I get nothing but healty, bland, boring kibble. Then one day Emily brings home a big box marked "Fresh Seafood" that smells so yummy and delicious, but of course it isn't for me, it's for her Mom. I didn't get even a taste of the precious salmon. I think I'll wake you up with my patented kamikaze leap onto the bed at 5am this morning. Take that!