Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The Drops Swing Cardigan is blocking! And I am afraid.

I tried to only get it damp and I was very careful not to allow it to put weight on itself so it wouldn't stretch out. It's already a tad big and I don't want to have to felt it into shape (although I bet that would be lovely)! This is the last time I don't wash my swatch - just saying (Remind me that I said that if need be, please.). If this grows I will have learned this lesson twice, but I think I'm safe. Laid out on the futon it looks about the same size as it did pre-blocking. The only reason it really needed to be blocked was to teach the bottom ribbing to be flat and to (hopefully) make my decent armhole seams even more presentable. And maybe to soften up the yarn a tad as it's pretty itchy on the neck. The stitches, however, were remarkably even. I procured buttons and will attach them as soon as the sweater is dry. You can see in the photo the the front center must not have gotten very wet as it's much lighter...That's some lazy blocking, that is!

The spring Interweave Knits preview is up! I adore Holly, the cover sweater, which reminds me a lot of this one, which I've had in my Ravelry queue for awhile now...


Rachel said...

yay! if this weather keeps up that sweater will feel goooooood.

Robin said...

I'm always afraid when blocking sweaters too! Good luck!!