Monday, April 02, 2007

Asymmetrical tank finito

Well, my fears have come true, and the finished "asymmetrical v-neck cable tank" is a bit longer than ideal for me. This baby grew to epic proportions in the blocking, as I eluded to last week. It looks pretty good in that photo, but the full-body shot, well, I'm not so sure how often I'll be wearing this little number. I like it, I think it's cool, but I'm not sure how flattering it really is on me.Project Stats: Asymmetrical v-neck tank

Pattern: Asymmetrical v-neck tank, from Loop-d-Loop

Yarn: Rowan Polar (sadly discontinued), just over 3 skeins. Yarn obtained from my favorite Ebay pusher seller.

Needles: Clover size 11 24" circular, and a giant crochet hook for the edging.

Time to knit: Early February-March 30, 2007. There was a pause while I figured out how to do the crochet edging around the armpits and bottom, but the actual knitting was really quick.

Impressions: Well. The pattern was straight-forward, aside from figuring out which decrease I was supposed to be using at any given point. I also didn't agree with the increase method (knit front and back) suggested in the pattern and instead did all my increases as raised-bar types (probably not the correct technical term) because I thought they fit in more seamlessly. The huge cable was fun, and the giant yarn made the project go really quickly. I enjoyed knitting with the Rowan Polar, and I'm glad I have 20 more skeins (10 each in ivory and dark red) in the stash. I apologize that you can't see the cable detailing well in the photos - the light blue yarn has been exceedingly difficult to photograph throughout this project, which is why you haven't seen any progress photos. I made the woman's small size with 4 extra stitches to get the correct bust size, and I think that worked out rather well. I think the vest actually fits quite well, and like it's supposed to, except that I am not a stick like the model. Well, that and I didn't wash my swatch (yeah, yeah, yeah), although even if I had known the thing was going to grow like this I probably wouldn't have done much about it, since the pattern can't really be made shorter easily, without chopping off a huge piece of the cable. There is a shorter version on the Loop-d-Loop webpage, but it's not in the book, and although I could surely have figured it out (I am in graduate school after all), I didn't worry about it. I'm pretty happy with my crochet edging, and glad to have gotten that skill under my belt. Thank yous to Anne-Marie and Jennifer for helping me with that.

This was my second blue finished object for February/March Project Spectrum, AND, this weekend I finally finished something else that is turquoise and thus a good blend of the blue (Feb./Mar.) and green (April/May) PS colors, but that finished object can wait a few days for its debut.


Shibani said...

I think it looks really good - you should definitely wear it! Maybe you could talk to Rachel about your idea of sewing and then cuttin the edge. Stich definition is apparent even in these photos.
And you are right - the hair is truly looking super!

Anonymous said...

Emily, Great pics. I agree about cutting it shorter (sew first) or instead of wearing it with jeans, try a tight-fitting skirt or pants.

I think it is flattering. love, mom

yr secret pal said...

Nice work! I actually think the length is perfect - it would be fabulous with an A-line or pencil skirt, or with leggings if you're into that kind of thing. Great color!

Rachel said...

I agree with yr secret pal- the length is quite flattering.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! This looks really good on you. No need to cut it. Wear it with a lighter & similar color on bottom. I agree that an A-line or pencil skirt would look terrific and give a lean look, but not narrow leggings.

Nora said...

How did I miss this???? I LOVE IT! You look beautiful. And it looks great with the rolled up jeans.