Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots o' knitting

Lots of knitting was accomplished this weekend. Why I'm not getting around to posting about it until Wednesday is a mystery, even to me, your esteemed (ha!) author. Dave was off racing his bicycle all weekend, so the only interruption to my knitting time was this little guy. Oliver managed to plop himself right in my knitting space whever I got up for another Diet Pepsi (I think I drank 3 of them a day both Saturday and Sunday, plus a lot of tea. I believe in caffeine. And hydration.). By Sunday night that pile of blue had turned into this, an almost-completed Short-sleeve Cardigan with Ribbing (aka Jewel sweater):While this photo seriously lacks color accuracy, it shows off the shape/stitches/etc quite well. You can see that all I have left is the sleeves and button bands. I actually knit the first sleeve last night, and now that I can try it on (I had the sleeve stitches on stitch holders, which were much too small for my burly arms to fit through), I think it should fit, once I get the button bands on, although the ribbing bit is REALLY tight. Knitting that ribbing almost killed me - I was in such a hurry with this sweater because I love the yarn and I'm so excited to have it done. It's like an obsession. This picture shows the color more accurately:At about 10:00 Saturday evening I decided I should really break out my Endpaper Mitts, which had been sadly neglected during the one-track-mind knitting of this sweater. These are my first Fair Isle project, and although it was slow-going at first, I find the process SO addicting. I was up until 1:00 with them. I intended to Tivo the Columbo episode that was on at 11:00, but I ended up being so into the knitting that I stayed up (with decaf tea - it was too late for the Diet Pepsi) for the whole episode. By Sunday evening I had this:Done except for the thumb ribbing, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment! Sorry the photo is a bit blurry - you get the idea, and when there are two of them they'll get a proper photo shoot. Several of the Fiberphiles got together Sunday to knit at Lighthouse Roasters coffee shop, and I was so proud to get to show off my almost-completed mitt (I finished the patterned part while I was there) because this had been a mostly stealth project. I'm going to cast on the second one at knitting club tonight, and I hope to finish it by the end of the April/May Project: Spectrum period. About that - please not to mention the green socks I'm making. You'll notice I've not talked about them lately. This is because I'm not working on them, having made an error last time I had them out. I think I might have fixed it but honestly I'm afraid to go back to them and discover a frameshift that requires ripping/reknitting/binning them all together. So I'm avoiding them. Don't judge.

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yr secret pal said...

Your Jewel is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it done!