Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Final Christmas gift in the mail!

Finished! Finally...my poor grandmother, having to wait until late February for her Christmas gift!

They look funny because they're too big for me, hence the floppy toes. I made the first of these socks in time for Christmas but was worried about the size, so I only gifted one sock. It was, as feared, too big, so I made the second sock smaller with intentions of ripping out the toe and reknitting shorter. But, these are toe-up and with the eyelet pattern it was all getting too confusing for me and I knew I would procrastinate on it and therefore I decided to let the first sock be a bit big. I think she'll be happy with them anyway, she said at the time it was okay. Plus, I suspect these will be worn almost exclusively in the house, not with shoes, and that they will shrink a tad anyway. Fingers crossed that they fit and she likes them, and that she isn't lying when she says so!

Project Stats: Anastasia Socks

Pattern: Anastasia, by Pepperknit.

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight, colorway Lucy (named after Wendy's cat). Yarn purchased at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in 2007.

Needles: Size 1 Clover bamboo DPNs

Time on the needles: November 2007-February 20, 2008. Eh. No excuse for this, really.

Impressions: Once again, I love the STR. This was a nice pattern but I had some issues on the legs. Once I was doing the pattern all the way around I got frameshifts, and I probably could have figured out a way to fix it but it only happened once on the first sock and then the second sock I was knitting on my way back from Boston on the plane and I was tired and not thinking hard enough about it. It's really not that obvious anyway, unless you're looking. Most of my socks thus far have been knit top-down, but I like toe-up for full yarn utilization. Not that I used all the yarn here since I correctly assumed my grandmother was not the tall socks type. These socks have brought me around to the merits of the short-row heel, which is easy and I suspect faster than the heel flap-gusset decrease heel I'm used to. Plus, most store-bought socks have short-row heels (You know you've looked too!), so there must be something to them...This is a good pattern for this yarn, and I'm really happy with the striping (no pooling!) that I got on both socks. Overall I'd say these are a success, but I do feel bad that they aren't the same size, and that they're soooo late!


KarenJoSeattle said...

Thje reason store socks all have short row heels is that machines can't pick up stitches along a flap. Some do prefer the fit of one over the other and everyone seems to have a preferred method.

bookwoman said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who has examined the anatomy of my store bought socks.

Daisy said...

the size difference is not even noticable from my view (laptop screen). I like the socks a lot. i like the short row heels, too. they fit me better.