Friday, April 11, 2008

It takes two

To get photos like this!I just realized I hadn't shown any photos of the Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt I've been working on (the one that is part of the April goals). I think the only photo that got blogged was the swatch, back in July, which is really quite pathetic, although to be fair I did set it aside for quite a few months. I'm almost at the armpit split, so I thought I'd try it on, and hilarity ensued. It's a good thing Dave was around because there's no way I could have gotten out of it, seeing as it's on a 24" circular and I am, well, larger than 24" in circumference. As Dave was helping me out of it (it fits, by the way, as you may or may not be able to tell), he said, "Oh, this would be a great blog photo!" and disappeared to get the camera, leaving me with my arms falling asleep up in the air. The things I do for you!
We finally had a glimpse of warm and sunny weather today so I went for a walk after work, where I discovered this: This is a statue across the corner from our apartment building. It's called Waiting for the Interurban, and people from the neighborhood often dress it up to suit different occasions. I'd say this is a good occasion! I'm not sure who the hopeful suitor is - presumably there was another t-shirt on the rightmost figure (out of frame). My hope is the intended viewer took the shirt and ran to say yes!


Octopus Knits said...

Hee, hee! That is a great photo : )

What a unique way to ask for a date to the prom!

KarenJoSeattle said...

I was just at Ageless today but didn't go past the Interurban to notice what was on it currently. It would have been pretty wet and bedraggled anyway.

So, I'm within a block of your appartment every couple of weeks, huh?