Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it is a surreal place. My trip was a mini family reunion of sorts, organized by my cousins in honor of their mother's 60th birthday, which was in January. My mother and I tagged along for moral support and gambling. I myself didn't do too much gambling, although I was getting into the spirit of it by the end of the second day. I find I'd rather have something for my money, even if it's just a mocha. But, I can see the appeal, especially if one is lucky like my mother. My aunt was very pleased with her shawl. Here she is wearing it before dinner on Friday, flanked by my cousins.Naples The highlight of the trip was probably O at the Bellagio. O is the Cirque du Soleil show with the water, and if you ever get a chance to see it you really should, even though it's expensive. It's worth it.
I realized when I got home that I, as usual, have no photos of myself. I'm sure others do, but for now we'll have to be satisfied with general Vegas shots. I'm particularly proud of this photo of the fountains at the Bellagio, taken while we were eating dinner at Olives (very good). Bellagio Fountains I'm amazed I was able to get a good shot of the fountains in motion. I have a few actually, but this is the best one. The fountains are really cool. I was also impressed with the class ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio, done by local (Tacoma/Seattle) artist Dale Chihuly. Glass ceiling at Bellagio
On Saturday I found a machine I loved called Easel Money, and here you can see evidence that I made $20.06 from the $1 I put in (trust me). Treasure Island voucherI of course lost that $20 later, but I was pretty excited at the time.
And look, they have an Eiffel Tower!Eiffel Tower du Vegas
And, just in case you haven't had enough gambling, they have slot machines all over the airport. Here's a fun shot of my mom whiling away the time waiting for our flights:Airport Slots
I had a great time but I really think a weekend is long enough to be in Vegas. It's an interesting place but totally overwhelming to the senses! And no, I didn't do any knitting while I was there, and hardly any on the plane...


bookwoman said...

That ceiling is amazing. Great shot. Glad you had fun, that your gift was well-received and that you didn't lose too much yarn money.

Anne-Marie said...

Great picture of the fountains!
And the picture of the glass ceiling is amazing... another great desktop shot!

KarenJoSeattle said...

I spent last 4th of July in Vegas, my first trip there in decades. I don't even remember the previous time.

It is a surreal and an unreal place. We didn't gamble at all. And they had record highs at the time.

Anonymous said...

Emily, Nice post. I want a photo of the ceiling so that I can send it away to make a puzzle from it. I need to remember the name of the company that does that. I always get a catalog from the place...what is the name? mom

Shibani said...

Its nice to see the lucky recipient of the gorgeous shawl! The glass ceiling is incredible - wonder why its not mentioned more when people talk about Vegas?
About the pics Dave took - don't know if I am biased but I think the gold does look good especially with the black dress....and nope the model looks great - the arms are just fine! However... the thought of feisty Emily being demure does make me smile!