Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's May Already?

I guess that means it's time for another goal post. I like these because they give me something to talk about on a day when I might not have had anything else to say. I'd love to show you the Ruffled Tuxedo Top (Mine has no ruffles - it's actually called the Sleeveless Tuxedo Tank, now that I think about it.) but the weather is NOT cooperating. It's in the 40s and raining again today. We've had a fairly eh spring really - it started out well but then it never warmed up. Anyway...

The April Goals were as such:
1. Finish Ruffled Tuxedo Tank - DONE. I promise there will be photos as soon as the sun shines, or at least when it's warm enough to be outside in a tank top.
2. Get through trellis repeats on Hanami Stole - NOT DONE. Haven't even touched it :(
3. Finish secret project pieces - DONE - you still can't see it, sorry, but believe me that I finished it!

Really that's not so bad, but these weren't exactly lofty goals. I was a fair way into both #1 and 3 when April started. But, better to accomplish small goals than to be perpetually frustrated! This is a good motto for science as well...

So, what will I do this month?
May Goals
1. Finish Anais - I've got the back almost finished (hopefully today, with Oliver and Jane Austen for assistance), and the lace inset already completed. This should be doable.
2. Knit a secret small gift project - this you'll likely see before #3 from April.
3. Finish trellis repeats on Hanami - I want to work on this, I do, I don't know what happened in April. I think I just felt like I needed simple knitting all the time, so that's what I did. Must push past that barrier!

Right now I am in the lab making RNA, which is really quite a lame way to spend a Saturday. Then again, it is cold and rainy, and Dave is at work, so I guess I might as well be here. And I do have a Starbucks Chai, so all is not lost.
I don't want to have a post without any photos, so check out the lovely Silky Wool I got at the Fiber Gallery sale last weekend:
Silky Wool, dusk blueI have six skeins (only $4.10/skein!) - if you have any good project suggestions let me know! As my mother pointed out in the comments last week, I am apparently in a blue phase. I just finished a blue tank top, I'm knitting a blue t-shirt, and I bought this blue yarn and some blue Manos (also very on sale). I don't usually wear that much blue because I don't like to wear anything but light blue with jeans (unless they're light jeans, but I don't have any of those). But, in the summer I wear a lot of khaki shorts and capri pants, and those go well with dark blues, so maybe that's what's going on subconsciously with all these blue projects...


rachel said...

you will be really set for summer at this rate!

Anne-Marie said...

A suggestion for all the silky wool: how about "Honeycomb", from the spring edition of Knitty? Didn't you queue it? The Gathered Pullover would also work.