Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kitchen Knits Swap!

My pal in Marisol's Kitchen Knits swap was Jodi, and she sent me a lovely package:

In there we have a market bag that she knitted for me, which is exciting because I've seen several friends make them but haven't taken the plunge myself. There is some lovely yarn from The Plucky Knitter as well as some Cotton-Ease, and she included patterns for both. She suggested the Lace Ribbon Scarf for the blue yarn, and I think I might just do that, as the yarn is very similar in color to that used in the pattern, and the pattern photos are lovely :) There is also honey, which I've tried, and lovely smelling tea, which I haven't gotten to yet. Plus, recipes of course, which Dave and I are both excited about. But, having just used it, I have to say that perhaps the best part of the box was the peeler. It's hiding under the tea, but this thing is great! It's a Swiss Peeler from Kuhn Rikon, and you should probably have one too. I peeled a yam for dinner and it was SO much better than either of our old peelers, which are going straight to Goodwill. Anyway, thank you for the great package Jodi, and thanks also to Marisol for organizing such a fun swap and pairing me with another almost-vegetarian!


Jodi said...

I'm glad you like it! It's funny how much a difference a simple thing like a good peeler makes in the kitchen. BTW, the card is a refrigerator magnet. I used Cotton-Ease for your market bag, so I can vouch that one skein is plenty for the pattern. For yours, I followed the modifications at Disdressed -- http://disdressed.blogspot.com/2006/08/string-bag.html

Next time I would knit it in the round, as Rhonda did:

mooncalf said...

What a great parcel!

I'm knitting the Lace Ribbon Scarf at the moment and it is a great pattern; really fun to knit and it looks great too. I think that blue yarn would look beautiful as one.

Marisol said...

Lovely package Emily! I am so glad you and Jodi had fun swapping together!

A good peeler is indeed a blessing! Especially if you are making mashed potatoes from scratch:) or in this case --yams he he...