Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hum...I have been missing in action, huh? I don't have a good excuse this time. I haven't been busy at work, I have been knitting, and there are even photos of said knitting. Alas, sometimes the urge to blog just doesn't strike, and once you get out of the habit it seems like way too much work to write anything. So let's make some lists, just for fun...

What I've been doing:
1) Finishing the experiments for my first paper
- this is not going as well as hoped
- it best get better soon
- I'm trying, really I am
- I get to use lots of radioactive stuff
- this is always exciting
2) Going home to visit the family in PA
- it rained
- a lot
- as much as I've ever seen in one weekend
- it was really nice in Seattle while I was gone
- this happens every time I go home in the summer
- I got poison ivy
- this also happens every time I go home in the summer
- it's still spreading, even though I got it over a week ago
- I look a mess because I have calamine lotion all over my left arm and leg
- I lost money at the new casino in Erie
- yesterday my mother won $525 on the same slot machine that took my $$$
- she is always lucky
- the machine also favored her when I was visiting, but not so dramatically
3) Knitting
- finished the Montego Bay Scarf for my cousin
- will get its own post soon
- finished a secret edding present
- you have to wait a bit in case she's reading
4) Miscellaneous
- I had my first summer pilates class yesterday after a three week hiatus and I am sore
- sore enough to skip my planned 1000 yard swim
- this probably has more to do with lifting weights than pilates, to be fair
- Oliver has started begging for food at 4:00 almost every day
- sadly that means I get up and feed him, because otherwise he'll keep meowing
- I'm spending all my spare time watching sports, between baseball and the Tour de France
- and tennis
- 8.8.08 - Olympics!!!
- bring on the swimming (ahem, Michael Phelps)
- and the gymnastics
- made 15 pints of jam on Sunday, 12 strawberry and 3 raspberry


Anonymous said...


Finally...I too am excited about the Olympics. Look frequently for Chicago tickets. love, mom

Anne-Marie said...

Oh! Jam! yummy...