Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Funky Scarf Finished!

My funky scarf (for this swap) is finished! I love it. I really wasn't sure about it at first but it's grown on me during the knitting process. Here are some shots:
This is the 'distance for full effect shot,' and here's a close-up so you can see the detail. And yes, it really is that bright, well, maybe not quite so neon as the photos imply. I hope my pal likes bright colors!

The beads are shiny stars, in many colors that I thought coordinated well with the yarn. As you might recall, I dyed this yarn a couple of weeks ago for the swap, and although it's fairly funky on its own I thought it needed something, hence the beads. And the dropped stitch pattern. I started doing the drop stitches as a way to conserve yarn because I only had 200m, but I had tons left over after making the scarf a pretty good length. Probably not enough for another scarf, but maybe for some armwarmers. Has anyone else noticed I'm forever planning to make armwarmers? I should probably wear the ones I have more often before I make more!

Project Stats: Funky Scarf Swap scarf

Yarn: 100% thick and thin wool, purchased from Weaving Works and dyed by moi using Jacquard acid dyes. I think I used ~120m? I really have no idea, but probably a bit more than half of what I had. The beads came from Michaels and aren't anything fancy, just little metallic stars.

Needles: Size 15 straights, Clover bamboo

Pattern: I made it up, and I'm sure there's a better way to describe it. Basically, 15 stitches across. Row one, k1, wrap, k1, repeat across. Row two, knit all stitches, dropping wraps. Row three, knit all. I placed beads randomly on row one and because of the plain knit row three, they ended up on alternating sides of the scarf. The scarf is about 9 x 72 inches.

Time to knit: About 2 weeks, off and on. When I actually worked on this it went really fast, since every three rows was about 1.5 inches!

Happy: Yes. I hope my pal likes it. I'd like it if I received it, although it is a bit bright! Good for those dreary winter days though, right?

In other knitting news, my days in Sock Wars are numbered. My assassin sent word that my socks are in the mail (and they sound lovely, I'm actually excited to get them), so I'm just about dead. My victim (Jessica) should've received her socks today or maybe tomorrow, so that is all done. Thanks for all the nice comments about the socks! I really like them too. In case anyone is interested, and I think I forgot to mention it, the yarn is Regia 6-ply Crazy Color. Not sure which crazy color exactly, since the label is in German. Anyway, it's a wool/polyamide blend. While it's not as nice as merino, it should be durable and I found it pleasant enough to knit with. I actually wish I had another ball because I used less than half of my second and with another I could knit myself a pair of the Socks of Doom.

I'd also like to send some shout-outs to my fellow knitters who have been impressing me lately! To Shibani, who took to knitting like a fish to water, and just recently finished a lovely baby blanket in what I would consider to be record time. It looks great. Lucky Shibani is going to NYC next week and is excited to shop for yarn there. I have the jealousy upon me...

To Anne-Marie, who brought a lovely crocheted (I know, I know) blanket to knitting club tonight. This blanket was great, all bright colors and interesting patterns, but she has SO many ends to weave in. So, send good end-weaving-in vibes to Anne-Marie, I'm sure they'll be most appreciated.

To Daisy, who managed to have some serious issues with her Socks of Doom but is still pushing through (even though her socks also have to go all the way to Scotland), and to Rachel, who finished her socks quickly despite making them with thick cotton that about did her in.

And, last but not least, to Jennifer, who is the only one of the Fiberphiles who is actually working on (well, Daisy is working on her Potomatus(sp?) socks) her lace project. We all cast on back in July, but Jennifer is almost done with her shawl. Congrats on sticking to it Jennifer, you're a better woman than I!


Pam said...

I'm impressive too even though I haven't seen you to impress you! :)

I would like to make a random announcement that I have finished the berret that I made out of very bright colored hand-spun (by me) yarn.

And I found some pretty red leaves last night that appear to work for a pale pinkish orange dye.

I'm also finding that spun wool dyes much easier than roving!

See... told ya that I'm impressive too.

I like the scarf. And I miss all my fella fiberphiles.

Rachel said...

I am happy basking in the general glow of FOs...

Anonymous said...

What sort of autoflouresence do FOs have? ;)