Thursday, September 28, 2006

Death: Swift and painless

Well, I got home today (Thursday) to find this waiting ominously in the mailbox:

Now, I knew I was pretty much done for when my Sock Wars assassin emailed me for my mailing address on Monday. I thought about evading her, but that would've only bought me a couple days and a forum full of scorn, so I complied, knowing that I was assisting in my own doom. With great trepidation I opened the package, and out came the weapon of my destruction:At least I got to go down wearing some fabulous socks!I realize the socks look completely different colors in those two photos. I'd say in reality they're a mix of the two. The yarn my assassin, Denise from Kentucky, used is Andes, a 100% wool from Chile. It's a lovely handdyed yarn and I'm really happy with my socks. They're SO well knit. I was a bit afraid of what I might receive from this swap but I'm really happy with these. Thank you Denise!

I'm a little concerned that I haven't heard from my victim at all. I emailed her on Monday to say that I had sent her socks, and they really should have arrived by now as they weren't going very far, but still nothing. I hope everything is okay...


Pam said...

You have a real gift for damatization of otherwise potentially drab events. Alot of people might have just said, "I got the socks."

I enjoy reading the narrative of your knitting adventures. It goes beyond musing really... and into the realm of entertainment.

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

How fast do you people knit??? Does this now mean she has to finish knitting your socks? BTW: I agree with Pam, you have a way with words. I enjoy your blog. x