Monday, October 02, 2006

Red, glorious red!

A big thank you to Erin, who sent me this HUGE September colorswap package!

I had quite a bit of trouble opening it (in fact I had to recruit a nice man who happened to be sitting next to me to help me fight with the paper and packing tape). This box was chock full of goodies, as you can see. There was a tote bag with room for photos on the outside, plus two skeins of luscious red angora (which I must admit to having three skeins of already, in this color. I'm hoping they're the same dye lot, because think of the trouble I can get into with 5 skeins of yarn this soft!!!). The box also contained treats (Bubble Tape!) and a selection of nice Burt's Bees products. Plus stickers, red Duck Tape, a crochet hook, beads, a pink/mauve gel pen, several bobbins of ribbon, and phew...anyway, what a great surprise! Thanks again Erin, I love it! September was the final month of Project: Colorswap, although there is talk of it happening again at the New Year, and I look forward to participating again if that's the case!

In other news, the Lotus Blossom tank is finished! Well, except for the finishing around the armholes. Basically it's all put together and fits great (except for being a bit short, I'm hoping blocking might take care of that, or I'll have to get myself to the gym a lot or stop eating). I figure I could wear it out the way it is now, so that means it's done. Except for the circular needle hanging off the active stitches on the back...that might cause a stir if I walked down the street with it flopping around, huh?

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Rachel said...

I wonder if anyone in the Knitter's Review would have experience blocking the bamboo......