Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Instant Gratification

Hello! Sorry I didn't post at all post-wisdom-teeth-yanking. It's not that I was feeling too sick, after the first day. It was more the pervasive laziness that comes from laying on the couch all day watching Columbo and Maury Povich that kept me from posting. Thanks to everyone who has been worrying about me, it was very nice to read your comments and know that people were thinking about me! The operation went really well (far as I can tell). The whole thing took less than 10 minutes (seriously - 1.5 songs on the iPod and I was sitting there with gauze in my mouth). I won't bore you with the gory details, but it really wasn't that bad. I came home and did a lot of this. This isn't the most flattering photo, but Dave thought "Oliver looked cute and sympathetic" and took the photo, and I'm sharing it with you. Here I am in the pose that lasted all night Thursday and then most of Friday. Note convenient remote control, orange beast (I think he knew something was wrong, because he didn't try to eat my hair for several days, and was very cuddly), bag of organic peas (ice pack of champions, also good for sore knees. Organic because we live above an organic/natural grocery store, not because the pesticides interfere with the healing process.), and stuffed owl. Now there will be no laughing about Opal (the owl). I've had Opal since I was in 5th grade and he is in tatters but very well-loved, and so he came to the couch. I'm talking to my parents, well, more like slurring to my parents, because I couldn't really open my mouth very far until Sunday. You can tell my cheeks are puffy, and they stayed like that until Monday or so, but they're pretty normal now. I wasn't in much pain but the drugs made me lightheaded if I moved around much, so I stayed put in the apartment and watched a lot of crap TV. I have to give a big public thank you to Dave, who is a saint, and made many trips to the store to get me slippery things like chocolate milk and tomato soup, and ice cream, and, cottage cheese, and, well, you get the idea. And he only sort of made fun of my cheeks, which is admirable, because I would've been much tougher on him :)
I have to admit I didn't do any knitting until Friday night, but between Friday night and Monday night there was a flurry of knittin' going on. And I finished (yes, me, I finished some things - plural) two objects, only one of which will be seen on this blog since the other is a gift. But, I present the:
Instant Gratification Scarf
This baby was knit with about 2.25 skeins of Trendsetter Yosemite (Peacock colorway), a very thick/thin wool/acrylic blend. I was trying to replicate my blue and white ribbed scarf from H&M that I waxed on about a few posts back, and I think I've succeeded nicely. This scarf is a bit narrower but also slightly longer, and I love it. Planned my whole outfit around it in fact. The scarf is a 1x1 rib, 16 stitches on size 15s, and very long. I love this yarn - it's so chunky! Nice break from socks and lacy things...I think it took me about 4.5 hours total to knit this scarf - hence the name, Instant Gratification! In fact I was so enamored by this that I completely forgot to work on the mate to the RPM sock, but I got on that last night. I also started knitting another Christmas gift, which I'll maybe talk about tomorrow, since I forgot to take any pictures last night, shame on me!
Gratuitous scarf shot - note subtle fall foliage on our apartment building deck...

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Anonymous said...

Emily, Nice to see a picture of you looking, well, much better than I thought you would. Oliver is a dear and so is David. You are not easy when you are sick, which is lucky for us that you are rarely sick.

I love the color of the scarf and go fall colors. It is snowing/sleeting here now.

love, mom