Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello! No, I'm not dead. I've been busy, and although I've been composing blog entries in my head, none of them have made it onto the internets. I also haven't knit a stitch since Friday, so really there's been nothing to report on, knitting-wise. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, although the lead-up was a bit overwhelmed this year by my having to give a talk this morning. However, I did find time to go to a Halloween party on Sunday, as seen here:

In case you don't recognize me (Not that this is really much of a costume for me, I'm pretty sure I've worn this to work, with boots instead of socks and without the vest. So you know the skirt isn't that short when I'm standing up properly instead of sitting precariously on the edge of a couch), that's me on the left. In the middle is Rosalind, another microbiology graduate student, and that's Dave on the right, as a ski bum (also not much of a costume, but hey). The dog head belongs to Beeker the bassett hound, who belongs to one of Dave's classmates. She's a real cutie, I wish she'd have been in one of the photos!

Since I like to be in the spirit, I also dressed up for work (and thus for my talk. Good costume=distraction from lack of data):

This is my voodoo doll costume, which I made a few years back. It's modeled on the little gag voodoo dolls you can buy, which come with ailments written on them and a pin you stick where you want it. I got the idea from a doll my friend Heidi brought me back from a cruise a few years back, and although I think it's completely obvious, I'm forever having to explain this costume to people. The coolest part about it is that it glows in the dark, but our attempts at photographing that ended in utter failure. There is also writting on the back but I thought I'd show off my better side. I wore this last year as well, and I don't like to be repetitive, so I considered the schoolgirl ensemble, but I decided that much leg might distract people during my talk so this won out. And, let's be frank, this is a kick-ass costume, no?

Halloween at the Hutch is great - we have a pumpkin carving contest (photos tomorrow I hope), and a potluck candy/cake/fat/etc party in the afternoon. Such fun!


Spambelina said...

I'm sorry that I missed it!

I went as Vengence!
I used the same costume as I did when I went as a Dr. Seuss character.
(Because vengence is a dish best served cold.... and moldy!)

I'm wondering though, with your voodoo costume, do people get fresh with you and offer to poke you?

Emily said...

I love the vengence idea! You know, I think the reason I'm always having to explain the voodoo costume is because I don't have a pin, and the reason I don't have one is that I don't want people poking at me! Daisy offered to lend me a giant plastic knitting needle to use for that purpose, so if I wear this again I might take her up on that!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the pics. Voodoo always works. Why the lack of data? love, mom