Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fresh Powder!

Instead of eating turkey for Thanksgiving, Dave and I woke up well before the crack of dawn and went skiing. There was a LOT of snow. We had to break out the chains for the first time (an experience I wisely observed from inside the car). Whether we needed them or not is debatable, but they can't hurt when the road looks like this:

Can you see the road? Exactly.

Mt Baker has over 7 feet of base already (pause to think about that for a minute - that's a LOT of snow). They had gotten 14 inches in the last 24 hours and we figure about 8 more while we were there today. It was snowing so hard that the visibility was pretty much nonexistent. I didn't ski with the camera because I knew there wouldn't be good photos to be taken, but I took this as we were leaving, and you can get the gist of it.

That's the base, and you can probably see how hard it was snowing, and it was much worse at the top of the mountain. Dave had a lovely time with the fresh powder, and by the middle of the afternoon I was making a game stab at dealing with it adequately. I say that because, while I was making it down everything I skied without incident or even falling, panache was lacking. Maybe next time. The powder is new to me, I need time to adapt!Big smile for the camera! Don't you just love my oversized googles? A friend of mine gave them to me last winter when he got new ones, and they're probably a bit big for me but they work and having them is a lifesaver (probably literally, really) in conditions like those we encountered today. My jacket is also too big, never mind about that either...I can fit many layers under there...

Dave wants to go back on Saturday (they're predicting a lot MORE snow). We'll see. The legs may be sore and not up for much for a few days. The first skiing episode always entails a painful recovery process!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a good one!


Daisy said...

lucky girl!

bdeseattle said...

Thanks for AWESOME Mt Baker pics. I'm trying to pick where I'm going skiing tomorrow. Your pictures are enough to tell me that Baker is the place to go.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun thanksgiving!


Nora said...

WOW!! It's 30C here and I've got the air conditioner on... x