Thursday, November 30, 2006

You're never going to believe this...

But I finally got on with this:
Any guesses? Come on now, you can do it. Especially Pam. She knows, I know she does. That, my friends, is A SEAM. Of a SWEATER. In case you remain unconvinced that I've actually gotten around to breaking out the Chibi and finishing this sucker, I present Exhibit B, the horribly Are my arms really that big? Something must be done. unflattering "vest-in-bathroom-mirror-self-portrait" shot. At about 10:00 Thursday night I was reading Lolly's blog and realizing that she's completed not one but TWO sweaters in less than a month, and that I therefore have no excuse for why this sweater (my first) has been lanquishing so forlornly. So, I charged into the living room and dug out the sweater, and got on with it. My excuse, such as it was, had to do with poor lighting and dark stitches, but it wasn't that bad, really, and I'm pretty happy with my side seams. The shoulders are a bit lacking and might need to be done over. They'll be mostly hidden under the collar, but there's really no point in spending so much time on something only to slack at the end (ahem). I was all excited and thinking about sewing in the sleeves but I figured I should get some advice on my shoulder seams (and the sewing in of sleeves) before attempting that, and anyway it's getting a bit late. The long things hanging in the front are the pockets, in case you were thinking this is a really freaky looking sweater. And I'm happy to report that it appears it will fit, although the stockinette front pieces are rolling so much it's really difficult to see what they're going to look like in the chest region. I have to say that my procrastination on this was ridiculous and now that I'm back on it I hope to finish it up quickly. It took me only an hour or so to do the side seams and the shoulders. What have I been waiting for?


Rachel said...

Schweet! you were waiting for a little bee to crawl into your bonnet.

Pam said...

Rock on with your badass self!

When are you going to mail it to me... ummm errr... I mean... how are the sleeves? Long enough?