Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Setting the mood ;)

Just kidding...

This was the scene in our apartment last night. We got home and discovered that the power was out, so out came many candles (I knew they would come in handy some day!) and our bike lights/headlamps. It was a very localized power outage - as far as I could see it was just our block. Driving into the parking garage (I park 2 levels in the basement) was a real experience - being down there in the dark was really disorienting. The power had been out since mid-afternoon, and most of the emergency lights in the stairwells were already burnt out, so I used my cell phone to guide me up the stairs! Dave came with me to my knitting club meeting (and sat elsewhere) to get into some light, and then we went to Barnes and Noble to kill some more time. The power didn't come back on until 4:00am, so it was out for about 14 hours. We did have quite a lightning/hail storm yesterday, I assume that did the damage. Apparently our problem was that the transformer that needed to be repaired for us is underground and was flooded, so it took them a long time to pump out the water and then get us back up and running. Anyway, it was kind of fun. While it rains a lot in Seattle we don't really get much of what I would consider severe weather (thunderstorms, blizzards, etc), so I was excited to have the power out! Yes, I'm weird.

My Knit Picks order finally showed up yesterday, but I had already gotten impatient and cast on for my grandmother's socks:

It's just ribbing so far, and I'll transfer it to my new pointy-as-all-get-out needles tonight, but it's been nice to have a sock going. The folded up scarf is the finished (still unblocked) mulitdirectional scarf. The sock is going to be the ubiquitous Embossed Leave sock from Interweave. I'm sure there will loads of progress soon, once I get really into it, since I'll be using my snazzy new needles!

The weather is getting colder, and I decided to break out my green North Face fleece today. Now, I don't wear this fleece often because it has a bad attitude. Namely, it doesn't get on with my grey Marmot fleece, and gives it attitude in the closet, such that they have to be separated by the mediator fleece, an ivory number from Eastern Mountain Sports. I'm not sure what the problem with this North Face fleece is. Apparently it feels that since it was the first fleece of the current closet crop, it is the best. However, I think even it should realize that it's slightly ill-fitting and a bit roomy, whereas the Marmot fleece is much sleeker, and the peace-loving EMS fleece is much softer. When I got this evil fleece I loved it, but the relationship has soured, and while it might be time to just let it go, I hate to think of the carnage even suggesting that might cause - it'll probably rip the beloved Marmot fleece to sheds! (Yes, I have three expensive fleece jackets. No, I do not see this as a problem, and would love to have a snazzy windstopper fleece, preferably from yet another expensive outdoors company (Arc'Teryx?) to create more interfleece snobbery in the closet. Nor do I think it's odd that I've personified my fleece jackets. If you knew them you would understand).

Dave and I plan to go skiing tomorrow. It's been raining like crazy and that means it's snowing somewhere, so we'll be getting up early and heading for the fresh powder at Mt. Baker. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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