Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Showin' off the Madrona haul

Sorry it's been awhile, but I took a blogging break to acquire some yarn! The Fiberphiles and I descended on the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, WA last weekend. We spent Friday night there, six of us in two adjoining rooms, and had a blast. For some reason that escapes me I didn't take any pictures (bad blogger, I know). On Saturday I met up with Marisol, and she hung out with the Fiberphiles all afternoon and much fun was had. She DID take photos, and I'll post them when I get some from her. This was my first meeting-of-someone-I-met-in-the-knitting-blogosphere, and it was great fun!

I know what you're really here to see, and that is the new yarn, right?!?

First there's the laceweight stash:The brown is Cashwool, 100% extra fine merino. There are 2700 m there, which is obviously quite a lot, but Karen at Acorn Street recommended knitting it double, even for lace. The greens are Zephyr, a 50/50 merino/silk blend. The top one is Peacock and the bottom Bottle Green. ~1250 yds each. Ooh, and I also got some Crack Kid Silk Haze in Liquor (dark burgundy), which I think will be used for the first lace project I attempt from Victorian Lace Today.
Then there's the Monarch sock yarn:From the left: August, Coulee, Purdy Plum, and Ivy. I couldn't help myself, there were SO many nice colorways. Kristen also acquired some Coulee, and I was lusting after it so much I just had to go back and get some for myself...
Last but certainly not least was the Socks that Rock:
This is: mediumweight Nodding Violet, lightweight Lucy (inspired by Lucy of
Wendy Knits fame), and mediumweight Tide Pool.

Phew. All in all I got most of what I wanted, although I really wanted some solid(ish) sock yarn for lace, and there was pretty much none to be found this year. First fall off the yarn fasting wagon completed successfully!

While I was there I started and finished a hat, but I got a bit overzealous (distracted from all the knitterly chatting!) and it's way too tall for me and needs to be ripped back and refinished. I'll try to get on that soon! I also have another FO to show you, but for now I'll leave you to bask in the new yarn glow :)

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Anonymous said...

Emily, Nice color selections. When you fall off the wagon, you fall hard. love, mom