Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend activities

Happy Monday (work with me here)! I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing weekend. I did, for the most part. On Friday, Dave brought me these flowers at work, for no reason except to cheer me up (say it with me, awwww):

Saturday night we had our friend Rembrandt over for dinner and games, and I made my first risotto, which was a resounding success. It had spinach and tomatoes and was exceedingly healthy, yet very tasty. We also had garlic bread and steamed carrots with butter and brown sugar, and chocolate-covered expresso beans for dessert. Then I proceeded to lose every game we played, which is atypical but good for Dave as it seems he never gets to win.

Yesterday Dave and I headed out to the mountains and I went snowshoeing while he went cross-country skiing.

There was much snow.

I snowshoed 8 km, or about 5 miles, in 1:45. Here I am at the halfway point - let's not discuss the bad self-portrait...I would have liked to go further but this was my first adventure in my new hiking boots and, being an out-and-back trail, it can get a bit old. I listened to a couple of knitting podcasts (had to work knitting into the post somewhere!) and the time passed quickly.

I'm a bad blogger lately and I forgot to take a picture of my grandmother's socks. But, believe me when I tell you that I'm a little over halfway down the foot and closing in fast. The end is in sight! I got a lot done watching football yesterday evening. We had Tivoed both games and watched them back to back without commercials. Much more efficient! I'll try to post some sock photos tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the games. Must be something about the alignment of the stars. Tim won everything we played last week, which is also very atypical. But like you said, good for the boys' egos.