Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Making progress!

Back and left front complete!
Oliver pitched in for the pinning out of my Drops cardigan pieces - isn't he helpful? He loves circular needles. Sorry that the photo is so dark. As I have previously lamented, it's difficult to get good lighting in our apartment, and I wanted to take the photos without the flash because otherwise it's impossible to see the stitch definition. Speaking of stitch definition, my moss stitch (Double seed stitch? Whatever.) isn't as 'bubbly' as the other sweaters I've seen, and I think I can attribute that to my row gauge, which is way off, on the too-many-rows-per-inch side, and I think that is compressing the moss stitch. But, it's clearly not stockinette, so I'm carrying on. Will be casting on the right front tomorrow, and hopefully remembering to add in the buttonholes...

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Shibani said...

I think we should invite Oliver to be an honorary member of our fiberphiles group :)