Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More baby cuteness!

Second pair of Saartje Booties complete! These are a gift for Marlene's baby granddaughter, and they'll be winging their way to the East Coast tomorrow. Aren't they adorable? These are larger than the first pair I knit, at just over 4". They also seem a bit tall, but I think they'll be okay. I don't have much experience with baby feet, so I hope it works out.
I really almost ran out of yarn. I used the same skein of Koigu as for the first pair of booties, but since I wanted these to be larger I doubled it throughout and used size 4 needles (instead of size 2). Before I started I whipped out my handy scale and determined I had 35.7 grams of yarn, from a starting amount of (theoretically) 50 grams, which should have left me plenty of extra. Shouldn't it have? Apparently it did not, as I had less than 2 feet of yarn left even with my modifications. As the yarn wound down and I was kicking myself for sewing the first bootie together and weaving in the ends (fearing that I'd have to rip it out), I started to desperately consider my options. I ended up leaving out one row at the top of the foot, which is not noticable, and then knitting the second strap with the yarn single instead of double, which is a tad noticable but only if you're really looking and most babies aren't that picky! Overall I'm happy with these - this is a great pattern and each bootie only takes about an hour to knit (for me). The finishing is a bit fiddly but it was faster this second time around. I like these buttons better than the first ones I used as well, and they were easier to sew on as they had a loop in the back instead of holes. These can also count for Project Spectrum, being purple! Great success...

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Shibani said...

Whew - close call on the yarn! I did not notice any differences resulting from the desperate measures you adopted. Once again congratulations they are fabulously booteelicious!