Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, although it really sneaked (not snuck) up on me this year. I had a rough couple of weeks, in the vision capacity, which made me quite depressed and irritable, but now things are better, although I am a bit sad that I didn't even get the Halloween decorations out this year. Nor did I dress up today, making it the first Halloween I can remember when I didn't conjure up a costume and wear it to work. I'm taking a science writing class and I thought it might be a bit unprofessional to show up as a cat or something, so I didn't, although I am wearing magenta tights. I got two Halloween packages from my parents, one of which included this great pen with bright red eyes that light up when you press a button on the back, which also causes its punching arms to burst forth vigorously. This pen is great, and got much use during the baseball playoffs and World Series, when Dave and I used it to show displeasure at the announcers with great frequency (even though the right team won). Dave also received a pen - his is about 10 inches long, 3 inches around (we're talking about the pen here), and unwieldly to write with, but good fun all the same. Then, the day my old Starbucks card ran out I got a new one, which was spectacular timing. Thanks for the pens and the coffee, and sorry to have kept forgetting to thank you, having talked to you several times since the arrival of the pens! I don't want to have a post without any photos, so here's a classic from Halloween a couple of years back. This is Dave in his pimp ensemble:
We bought that hat at a little shop in Snohomish, WA (which has a great tea shop you should viist if you're in the area). The pants and jacket are mine (They both look better on him than me, as Dave is skinny as a rail and has no hips to make the pants pockets flare out strangely.), as is the fluffy red scarf. It was a fun costume...
Happy Hauntings!

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kristen said...

Funny. I too am wearing magenta tights today (following your advice on ways to not get my colors mixed up again!)