Saturday, April 15, 2006

Apologies, and brief spinning tales

I apologize for being such a bad blogger, especially since I don’t really have a good excuse. Unless being out of town for a few days and not having any knitting to show for myself counts, which I guess it might. Actually there is knitting, but nothing really photo-worthy. I’m almost finished with the first sleeve on my Hike sweater, and I’m convinced it’s going to be way too long and possibly too tight for my apparently too large upper arms. But, I’m plugging away at it in hopes that it will block out okay, and I plan to roll the sleeves up anyway, since there is a lot of ribbing at the cuff. Really what I’m doing here is coming up with reasons to hold out hope that this thing, my first sweater, is going to fit, because I’m getting a bit nervous…

But, what you really want to hear about is the spinning party, right?!? Last Sunday, the Fiberphiles plus some added guests took a beginning spinning lesson for Rachel’s birthday. There were eight of us, and we had a private lesson with Barb at Acorn Street. At the beginning we talked about fiber types, and learned how to predraft and draft the roving into submission before beginning to spin it. Then we were thrown to the lions left to our drop spindles to experiment for ourselves, with Barb hovering over us. I have to say that this spinning thing is easier than it looks. Well, that’s not entirely true – it’s easy to make “yarn” but it’s not easy to make consistently thick or thin not overtwisted yarn.
Here I am, spinning away (and probably muttering under my breath – there was a lot of that):

We also got to try out a couple of wheels. Me, I didn’t bother with that. I had enough trouble getting my hands to cooperate using the drop spindle, and I didn’t think getting my feet involved would help matters.. I’m fairly sure I lack the coordination for four-limb activities the wheel and I’m not into frustration, so I stayed with my drop spindle. Pam got the hang of it pretty quickly (photos maybe later, Blogger is acting up). Rachel had a few more problems but was hooked all the same (see above).

After the class we went to Daisy’s house and ate cheese and chocolate fondue (two fondue pots, in case you’re confused) and almond cake.
It was a lovely afternoon of knitting and spinning. Although I don’t have a good photo, Pam won the “first one to knit a homespun swatch” award. She has since made an entire hat and vowed to make Rachel a homespun afghan. Now that's ambition (insanity?)...

Here is the obligatory group shot. Note Rachel fondling her Rowan Crack Kid Silk Haze…

In the back: Daisy, Jennifer, Pam, and Kristen

In the front: Kimber, Rachel, and yours truly

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