Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Full disclosure

Something has been nagging at me. In truth, many little somethings. A bag of them in fact:
There was a sale at Wooly Monkey this past weekend, and anyone who knows me knows I can seldom pass up a good sale (although I am getting better, I promise). In the bag is this:
All practically free, except the Trekking, which was only 20% off. Now that I look at it it's pretty similar to the Socks that Rock I used for my Olympic socks, but no matter. It's bright and sunny. It's cloudy a lot in Seattle. Therefore, the yarn was justified. There was also this:

Many skeins of Cascade Cotton, in bright pretty colors. I was immediately attracted to them, and they jumped into my basket. I'm not sure about the lone skein of navy blue, but I'll think of something. The plan for these is bright dishcloths/washcloths/etc, but we'll see. Cotton baby hats? I have a friend expecting this summer, maybe some of this can be a baby project. You'll know as soon as I do.

Progress continues on the Clapotis. Here she is after the second (purposefully) dropped stitch:

My yarn from Little Knits should finally be arriving today, so I''ll have a decision to make - whether to finish this Clapotis or cast put it aside and make the other, hopefully more summery one first. That idea makes me somewhat nervous because I don't want to start building up WIPs/UFOs like I was before the great Lenten 'project finishing streak.' Although, thinking about it, it feels weird to only have the Clapotis and the blue Hike sweater on the needles. And the sweater isn't really on the needles, since the first sleeve was cast off awhile ago and the other one hasn't been started...I was making some socks but I ripped them out last night as they were looking absolutely gigantic, and the intended recipient isn't exactly the Hulk. I'm intending to restart those socks this evening, in a different pattern and with more swatching (yes, I did swatch the first time, I have no idea what went wrong, but it was very wrong). And I have socks in mind for some of my handdyed green yarn. So, there shall be more projects to talk about shortly...


Pam said...

I love cascade cotton.
I'm drooling.

lettuce said...

oh I just found you via a niddy noddy search on blogger. I'm just about to start a weaving/spinning/knitting blog.
My dad made me a great niddy noddy - but having seen me use one, he added an extra feature which is that it has a sort of socket in the end, and rotates on a base - this means that I can rotate it on the floor, resting/stopping in between if necessary. Saves a lot on arm-aching.
I'll be posting a pic. of it soon, if you're interested.