Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Horrors abound...

I dropped a stitch. On the Clapotis. Not on purpose. Didn't catch it until a couple rows later. Was very concerned. Had to dig around for a crochet hook whilst muttering obscenities.
I know this probably doesn't sound so bad to the knitters out there, but this was my FIRST dropped stitch. I know, amazing. What that also means is that I didn't really know what the hell I was doing trying to fix this wee bit of a problem. The only thing that saved me was having dropped a stitch on the Clapotis (on purpose, in the correct location) a couple of days ago. Having had to help it along in its unraveling, I had some concept of how to, shall we say, reravel. So, I did that, and it worked, and now I can't even find the spot of torment, so all is good.

Second horror is that I'm out of undyed yarn! I dyed this on Thursday:

This is three shades of sapphire blue, and it might be my favorite thing that I've dyed so far. I love blue. Well, and green, but this is my first handdyed blue skein, so it's my favorite (but I'm fickle, the green may be back in favor soon enough). I'm really excited to knit this up, and have several sock pattern ideas in my head for it. The colors are a little less blended in reality than in this photo, but the general idea is the same. This is Kona superwash merino sockweight yarn, ~540 yards. I'm NOT reskeining it - you all saw the mess I made with only 400 yards last week. God knows what kind of trouble I could get into with this...

The horror of this situation, if I may reiterate, is that I'M OUT OF UNDYED YARN!!! I'm going to spend some time this evening looking for a good online source for the stuff. Buying it at Weaving Works was all well and good, especially for the Kona, but I don't need to be dyeing such huge skeins - after all, I have small feet. The sockweight stuff I dyed on Easter was about 400 yards/skein, but I had to make those skeins myself off the yarn cones, which was time-consuming and tedious. Yes, you can buy that preskeined, but they're small skeins, so you would need two for a pair of socks, and I'm just not good enough at the dyeing yet to make two matching skeins. So, what I need is a way to buy 360-400 yard skeins, cheap. I'll keep you posted. Any suggestions, please let me know!

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Emma said...

The yarn is beautiful! Love it.