Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy weekend

I'm tired. Last weekend was one of those non-relaxing types, the ones where you're almost relieved to go to work on Monday (note I said almost). Saturday morning we actually slept in until 9:00 (yes, that is sleeping in - we are early risers). Lounged around for a bit and decided I really had to get moving, so I went shoe shopping, on a mission for flat, black sandals that are not flip-flops. I'm going to England on Thursday (have I mentioned this?), and I want comfortable shoes to walk around in but I'd really rather not wear flip-flops. Now, let me disclose that I have what any sane person some might consider a lot of shoes. So you would think I would have the perfect shoes for any occasion. However, this never seems to be the case (the same is true of purses, of which I possibly have more than shoes). So I went on a quest. While I didn't find the perfect sandals (you'd think flat black would be easy, no?), I did find some nice black flat shoes (another hole in the shoe wardrobe filled), so I got them. At about 4:00, Dave decided that he would indeed do the race he'd been considering doing, so we packed up the car and headed out to Winthrop, WA, which is about 4.5 hours from Seattle. We left at 5:30. You can do the math but we got to the campground pretty late.
The race was a mess. It thundered and poured the whole 2.5 hours. Observe finish line photo: Also observe the big smile (only body part without mud - he had so much mud in his eyelashes it looked like mascara).

Dave came in 2nd in his race and was thrilled, and we had to stick around for the awards. As such, we didn't get home until 10:00 last night. But the drive was lovely, through North Cascades National Park and along the Ross Dam area. I love dams. Sadly we didn't have time to do the dam hike. Maybe next time. But there was scenery:There wasn't much knitting. In fact there wasn't any knitting, although I did take it along for the drive. We're having a knitting club meetnig tomorrow night so hopefully I'll accomplish something! I got an email from my dye-o-rama partner that she mailed my yarn today. I'm really excited to see it but it probably won't come until I get back from England. I mailed my Secret Pal her first package on Friday and I'm really excited to see if she likes it!

Now I'm off to Nordstrom to look for the elusive black sandals...

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David said...

Thanks for coming to my race Emily!