Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Secret Pal Package!!!

I returned from my trip to Chicago to find this waiting for me!

This excellent batch of stuff is from my Secret Pal, who lives in San Francisco and whose name starts with (I think) K. She is very elusive on info about herself, but she's been great to me so far, and I'm really happy with my package. We have: Socks Socks Socks, which I've been eyeing for awhile since there are some really lovely lace sock patterns in there as well as some nice textured patterns. She also sent two types of Knit Picks sock yarn, some darning needles (which is great since I'm down to one and always worried I'm going to lose it! Now the case can be restocked). There is also a milk chocolate bar (yum!) and some treats for Oliver (which he is very excited about and has eaten some of already). Thank you secret pal, I love everything you sent! I really must get my first package in the mail. I've been busy and out of town, but that's no excuse!

My trip to Chicago was great. There will be more photos and stories later, but for now I leave you with some teasers. One of the things we did was go see the King Tut exhibit at the Field Museum, which was good but a little bit disappointing in that they didn't have the famous mask/necklace on display and it was very crowded. However, in the gift shop there was this:

And this:

I know that's a horrible photo of me, but that blinged-out headdress is spectacular, no?

The coolest new thing in Chicago has to be this:

There will be more 'bean' photos later. I loved it. I want one. I looked for a miniature, but couldn't find one :(

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Kelly said...

Great goodies! The bean is so cool. One of these days I will have to visit the bean in person.