Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm all packed and ready to go! Last night I laid everything out:

It is possible that I'm crazy. Do most people lay stuff out like this? I should've taken a picture of the "planned outfits" list I made, but I didn't really want to admit to having made such a thing. The goal here was not to overpack, which is something I always do, yet looking at those little piles it doesn't seem possible that that is enough clothing for 10 days. I put it all in the suitcase and there is SO much room left (yarn? cool British shoes/clothes/purses?). I think I'm used to traveling in the winter when the clothes are bulkier, and that's why I don't think I have enough. Anyway...I also took a photo of the new black sandals I got, since I couldn't find one online:
These are super comfortable and I'm quite happy with them. Those green shoes peeking into the photo are my green Pumas. I have, I think, 6 pairs of Pumas, which might be out of hand, but how can you go wrong with bright comfortable sneakers? You can't! The green ones are the tamest ones I have...

I haven't decided what knitting I'll be taking with me. I was dismayed to learn that I won't be able to carry knitting on the plane on the way back to the States (different security in Europe, no knitting needles). I have tossed around the idea of finishing one of my green socks while I'm there (fingers crossed) and boarding the plane on the way back with my DPNs in my hair like hairsticks. No huge loss if they get taken. But, because I'm not a risk-taker and I don't want to get arrested or lose my precious needles, I'll probably just check them and retrieve them out of my suitcase as soon as I get to the US so I can knit on the Cleveland-Seattle leg. I'm going to take the Clapotis, which is mindless yet entertaining enough to keep me occupied, and probably the green socks. Thought about taking the teal Hike sweater (still just that one sleeve to go) but I'd have to take the other sleeve to make sure they were matching and I don't want to have anything extra. If I'm honest with myself I probably won't have that much knitting time aside from the plane and the Clapotis+socks will be plenty. I will try to yarn shop while I'm over there, but I haven't bothered to do any serious looking to find shops since I don't want to drag my parents around looking for yarn. If I find a store, I will go in it. If I see a farm with fiber-bearing animasl, I will suggest we pull over. If I stumble upon the Rowan factory, I will use whatever means necessary to get inside (short of getting arrested, of course. Can you knit in prison?).

It's been awhile since I've been to Europe, and I'm a huge Anglophile, so I'm really excited about this trip. I'll be gone 10 days, and I'm sure I won't be posting, so catch you all in a couple of weeks! Maybe with a finished Clapotis!?!?


Emma said...

Have a great trip!

Pam said...

I'm fairly certain that you cannot knit in prison. So you'll have to find a fall guy.

But double check about being able to knit on the way back. I didn't have any problems knitting on my way back from Germany.
Have a great trip.
We'll miss you.

kristi said...
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kristi said...

Hello Emily! I have read through a bunch of your posts, and I am so impressed with your yarn dying skills! I hope that you had a wonderful trip. Can't wait to send you a great purple package!

~Kristi, Your July ColorSwap Partner!