Thursday, March 15, 2007


Wendy of Wendy Knits did this a couple of days ago, and I thought it was a fun idea, so I'm shamelessly ripping it off, but in a less exciting fashion, since I have no photos to go along with it.
What I did today, the IDES of March, 2007:

8:07am - Dragged lazy self out of bed after snoozing since 7:30. Notice Dave is hiding under his pillow to avoid hearing the alarm clock. As soon as I get out of bed my side of the covers becomes part of his side.
8:17am - Finish shower. Check email and turn on tea kettle because I'm driving to lab today and can therefore take a beverage. It's difficult to drink tea on a bicycle, my usual mode of transportation. Clean Oliver's litter box. Like every day, be thankful for flushable cat litter.
8:20am - Realize I have 20 minutes before I really should leave the apartment, and therefore become racked with indecision over clothing options. Want to wear my red suede boots because a) I am driving and b) it is not raining. Can't find a skirt I want to wear to go with them. Wanting to wear a short skirt to show off slim thighs (At this point I must share that I can leg press 140 pounds, which is WAY more than I weigh. I am proud of this fact and have no other way to work it into the conversation, so there you are), but all short skirts are probably TOO short for work, so knee-length denim skirt is chosen. And teal striped t-shirt with thin grey sweater. Brush teeth. Feed cat.
8:27 - Kettle is boiling. Make tea. Reused 20 oz. Tully's cup (I always reuse them a couple of times - good for the environment). 1 PG Tips tea bag + 2 splendas (large cup, strong tea = 2 packets).
8:35am - Apply makeup. Even put on mascara. Dry hair.
8:40 - Realize Dave is still in bed. Feed cat. Mutter about not leaving on time whilst struggling to find appropriate outerwear.
8:42 - Why do I not have a black or brown medium-warm jacket that is not fleece? How can I have this many useless jackets? Decide on red puffy vest, which only kind of matches the red boots. Alas. Will suck it up and move on.
8:43 - Move essentials from backpack to teal purse. Triumphantly find long-lost red fleece gloves in vest pockets. Exit apartment.
8:44 - Forgot tea. Leave. Forgot ID badge. Leave again. Forgot cell phone. Leave again. Decide if I've left anything else it's not coming to work today.
9:00 - Park car 1/2 mile from work in the "No Parking 7-9am" spaces. Parking is hard to come by around where I work so these spots are key. Hence the rush to leave to arrive there at 9:00 or as soon thereafter as possible.
9:15 - Attend retrovirus meeting, with Morgan from my lab presenting. Realize he accomplishes more in a week than I do some months.
10-12:30 - Putter around the lab, doing this and that. Surf the internets a bit. Talk to a sales rep and score a free bagel (chocolate chip with honey almond cream cheese, for the curious).
12:30-1:30 - Eat lunch with Rachel and Kristen. Forget to bring knitting but got several books from amazon to peruse whilst eating and chatting. Ate the bagel, some yogurt (blackberry) and a getting-too-ripe-for-my-taste banana. And then some pretzels. And a diet Dr. Pepper.
1:30-2:30 - Marvel at the ability to distinguish 55 base pair bands of DNA from 60bp bands. Maybe not for a whole hour, but this is still an amazing thing to me. Whilst marvelling become annoyed that I still have 60bp bands where ideally I would have 55bp bands.
3:30 - Electrocute (essentially) some human foreskin (seriously) fibroblast cells to get DNA into them.
4:11 - Compose blog post. Realize you don't care about any of this but decide to post it anyway...

So, that is what I do. A typical day. After work I am going to go to REI to get some more socks for the ski trip, and then to Weaving Works for some short size 2 DPNs, and then to Trader Joes for chocolate-covered espresso beans. Then I will go home and pack for the trip to Silver Star. At some point dinner will be consumed. I suspect we will eat pasta, or maybe lentil soup. Maybe I will convince Dave to cook yam burritos. We have a very limited repertoire of dishes we make, so one of those three is a fair bet. I'll probably knit a bit, and maybe I'll update with some photos of what I've been working on. Most likely we will watch a lot of tv and I will complete the Thursday crossword puzzle and Jumble in the Seattle Times. Then I will go to bed and stay up too late reading one of the Little House on the Prairie books, even though I am too old for them and I know exactly what is going to happen, having read them repeatedly. I will become concerned that I should be reading Tolstoy instead...won't worry about it.


Shelby said...

Boy did you bring back some memories!! I used to run gels daily! Sometimes I really miss the lab...and then others I'm so glad I got out when I did. Though sitting in front of a computer looking for genes is pretty cool too. ;)

yr secret pal said...

That sounds so much like my mornings... except for the bench-pressing part. Can't say I know what that's like.