Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The Austermann Step socks are finished!
Project Stats: Step Socks
Pattern: I made it up. Basically 72 (or 68) stitches, with a flap heel 24 stitches wide.
Yarn: Austermann Step, colorway Royal Night (I think). I used way less than one skein, and probably could have made these a good two inches longer if not more. The yarn was received in a swap from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit sometime last spring.

Needles: Knit Picks metal DPNs, size 1.

Time to knit: 1.27.07-3.26.07. This would have gone a lot faster but I got hung up on how I wanted to do the toe of the first sock and put them down for several weeks.
Impressions: I really like these! They are definitely fraternal twins, but I think I'm okay with that. I actually made the sock that's on my right foot four stitches smaller (on purpose) and slightly shorter (accidentally), and it does fit better than the left sock, but not it's not different enough that I intend to rip out the larger sock for a do-over. Once they're worn and stretched out a bit I'm sure I won't even know which is which. Most socks have a heel flap containing half of the total stitches, but from the other socks I've knit for myself I decided that's really too wide for me, so I made my heels with only 1/3 of the stitches, which looked really narrow but fits quite well. I really enjoyed working with this yarn, which contains aloe vera and jojoba oil. I'm not sure how long the skin-softening benefits will stick around (or if there's really enough in the yarn to make a difference), but the yarn was nice to knit. These socks are the thinnest I've knit so far - all my previous socks have been with mediumweight Socks that Rock on at least size 2 needles. This is also the first pair of plain stockinette socks I've knit, and it was great. Mindless knitting at its best! I will say that the Knit Picks needles are a bit heavy for my liking, and with this thin yarn they kind of flopped about a bit more than would be ideal, but you can't tell in the finished product and the needles are nice and slippery. These socks make finished object #9 of the year for me, which is probably some sort of record, although this is the first year I've kept track so it's difficult to say. These were one of my Project Spectrum: February/March projects, so I'm glad I got them done in time!


Marisol said...

Very nice job on these Emily! I really like the colors and how you improvised to get them just right for your feet:)

Oh and Guess what, I am involved in this special swap that Lynne over at I was knit together in my mother womb is running. Guess who was my swap pal for March? Kim! from the Woolen Rabbit:) She has a post up of my packge right now:)

Anne-Marie said...

Nice socks! They don't look different to me...

(see, you've convinced me I need to comment on your blog more often...)

yr secret pal said...

There's nothing like a pair of perfectly-fitting, hand-knit socks. Those are smashing!