Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's a partnership

Say it with me, I am a lucky girl. Observe Dave knitting, with Oliver's close supervision. What's that he's knitting? It's a baby blanket for Kristin, one of his labmates. She's due in early July but we're rushing because she's getting bigger by the day! We're co-knitting this, but Dave is doing most of it because a) she's his coworker, and b) I have many other things I want to knit! I'll try to get some close-ups soon, but basically it's just a striped blanket. We're choosing colors randomly and using each for two or sometimes four rows at a time. This means there are many ends, and they're all on one side. I'm thinking weaving them all in is going to be quite a chore and I'm concerned that they will make that side of the blanket bulkier than the other. Ideally we'll leave them and make matching fringe on the other side, but I've heard babies like to suck on fringe and that doesn't sound like a good plan. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Shannon tagged me for the Seven Random Facts meme, and I promise to get on that tomorrow. I hope I can think of Seven interesting things...If you know me and you have a blog, be warned, because you might get tagged next!


Amie said...

If you're using plied yarn, you can split the plies before you weave, and that will make it slightly less obvious. You can also weave up the side, which is less obvious. Plus, you only need to weave about 2 inches or so, so it shouldn't add too much bulk.

Sounds like it's gonna be cute - what a lucky baby!

Jen said...

Hmm, that's a good one. You may want to start some of the stripes on the other side to balance it out?? Or, you could, and don't hurt me, sew a fabric back on it. Not saying that I would sew a back on it myself (I hate sewing), but it's there as a possibility.