Tuesday, June 26, 2007


One of my birthday presents to Dave was tickets to last night's Mariners-Red Sox game. Now Dave is a HUGE Red Sox fan, so it was a real shame for him and the many other Sox fans at the game (who were no small portion of the crowd) that their boys lost 9-4. We had much better seats than we've had at any previous Mariners game - the vendors even came around to us! And no binoculars needed to see the action. Big success as a present, but Dave is apparently a curse for the Red Sox as they rarely win when he goes to games. On the other hand, I'm good luck for the Mariners, who have won 75% of the games I've attended!


Grandmama W said...

Watched the game on TV from Spokane. I wonder when the next "Stitch & Pitch" will be at Safeco? We'll be there this weekend for the Torornto games(driving over from Spokane limits us to weekend games.) Your swatch is lovely - I'm using a "real" color,too: juniper.

Anonymous said...

Emily, You are a very thoughtful girl friend. love, mom