Thursday, June 28, 2007

Secret Pal: The Reveal

Well friends, it's over, that wonderful thing we call Secret Pal 10. While the ending is bittersweet (in that it's over, and there won't be any more fun packages to look forward to), I found out that Fawn was my wonderful spoiler! Go now (I'll wait) and check out the adorable octopus she just designed - this is heading straight to the top of the must-knit queue! Whilst designing and knitting George of the eight legs, she managed to put together this great final package for me, with a rainbow theme: Check out these chopsticks - so cute! There is also all I need to try some more Kool-Aid dyeing (and I suspect some Kool-Aid to drink, since I have quite the sweet tooth), a pleasantly scented but not overpowering eucalyptus candle, mini colored pencils (how did she know I love to color?), lip gloss (quite tasty), and a Taurus measuring tape. Until recently I'd never really believed what knitters say about the need for multiple measuring tapes, but lately mine have been running off, so it's great to have another one!

She also included a catnip-stuffed knit toy for Oliver, who is becoming very spoiled. I think I forgot to mention that Amie, my Knitters Tea Swap pal, sent Oliver a felted mouse that she made and stuffed with catnip from her garden (!), so he's been one lucky kitty these last couple of weeks! He was quite interested in his new toy, which reminds me of a manta ray. He helped with the opening: And took a shine to the ray right away:

Thanks for being a great swap pal, and let's keep in touch!

Tomorrow is the kick-off of the Mystery Stole Along, and I'm pretty excited to get started. We'll see how long I can keep up...I don't have a busy weekend planned, so I have hopes for staying with the group at least for this week. Next Friday I will be visiting my family in PA, so I might not have much time to knit. I always take a ton of knitting home but never get much accomplished. I'm sure that I'll overpack the projects again this time - old habits die hard!

Tomorrow I'll try to update you on my progress with the $1.50 cardigan, and wax rhapsodic (or not) about the mystery stole...


ms. pea said...

yay! i'm so glad that you and oliver both liked it.

Robin said...

Great SP packages!! Very unique gifts - I like them. And very cute kitty!