Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Today is Oliver's second birthday! Happy Birthday!!!You were so little when we adopted you at 4 months old. Much smaller than your brother, who was half again your size. We were cautiously optimistic that you would stay that small, even though I had heard that male orange tabbies tend to be sizable beasts...
I knit you a lovely cat bed, which you played with a bit but didn't really understand the point of. Now instead of using it as a toy, you use it to store your toys, which you dig out as needed (Never put them back though, do you?).
However, you didn't stay so small, and in fact now at 2 years old, you're quite a big boy. Not fat. Let's go with big-boned.

You are still inquisitive, although that large cat tree, your birthday present last year, will be going back to Mud Bay Granary, since you've never shown any interest in it whatsoever.

Your size makes you quite good for cuddling,although it can be a bit rough when you sleep on my head. You look quite adorable all stretched out in your elongated kitty pose:

But perhaps you are at your cutest when fast asleep: Happy Birthday Oliver, and may all your days be full of fuzzy mice and catnip!


Amie said...

A VERY VERY VERY Happy day to you, Oliver!!! My Trevor and Aslan wish you the best as well, as they know how much better our lives are with cats in them. Oscar the dog is jealous of your felinity!

And, wow, Emily, he's just beautiful - what stunningly gorgeous markings!

robin said...

Awww, what a sweet kitty! I love that he is small. His markings remind me of my (smaller than average) Gilda, except she is a different color tabby. Love all the pictures, especially the first one and the last one.

yr secret pal said...

i want to snuggle with him, too!