Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plan B

Now, I really meant to make the Twisted Flower socks for my Sockapalooza pal. Really I did. I made a valiant (kind of) effort at it, but in the end I decided that, while the pattern is lovely and I would love to make it someday, this is not the day. There's no way I could finish those in time without devoting a lot more effort to them than I am willing or able to. So, I've moved on to something else for my pal. Not that she's not worthy of the original socks, but at 20 minutes a round I just can't spare the time to finish them on a schedule. So, now I'm using this lovely green variegated yarn to make the Angel's Rest socks (from the Fiber Trends Peak Experience Socks pattern). The yarn Monarch sock yarn from Angora Valley Farms, in the Ivy colorway (not currently on their website).

So far I'm about 3.5" into the leg, and I'm really enjoying knitting this pattern. The color is more accurate in the first photo of the yarn cake. Because it's much simpler than my originally intended pattern, the vibes that are going into this sock are much better than my pal would have received from the Twisted Flower socks, so I think this is for the best. Based on previous experience with this brand of yarn, and having seen many sample socks knit with it at various fiber festivals, I expected to have some striping action. I just finished a pair of socks using this yarn in another colorway (need to blog those!), which striped nicely, and that was one of the reasons I chose to use this for this pattern, which is ideal for striping yarns. But, instead of striping I have a bit of a wide spiral going on, as you can see clearly in the photo. I'm actually okay with this and think it looks pretty cool, since all the colors are greens. I hope my pal doesn't mind! I suspect that this yarn would stripe with a different stitch count or without the lace pattern (which I realize isn't apparent from the photo). I've only devoted about 3 hours to these so far and they're moving along quite quickly, which is good since I'll need to start devoting a fair bit of time to lace once the first part of the Mystery Stole pattern is released on Friday!

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owl knits said...

I love the way the stripe is spiraling on the sock! I'm amazed at the number of people, like myself, who are in Sockapalooza4 and MS3. I should be working on my stole, instead of reading blogs!