Monday, July 02, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 - Chapter 1

Well, my most recent attempt at the endeavor we call lace knitting has been quite successful so far (knock on wood). I've made it to row 70 on my MS3, and I only had to tink back half of one row about 15 rows back because I forgot a k2tog. Here's the current state of affairs: Sorry that you can't see the pattern overly well. I'm using straight needles so I can't really stretch it out to its full width anymore. I'm SO excited about how this is going. I started it on Friday night and finished the first chart, up to row 50, that night. I was stretching it out and holding it up to the white wall after every single row. I'm not sure if Dave was actually impressed or not, but he made a good show of it. I'm really enjoying putting in the beads, and I'm hoping there are more in the latter parts of the pattern because they add so much sparkle. Yes, there is a lifeline in there, at row 70. Just in case. Better safe than sorry, eh? I was worried that my fabric was too lacy, but now that I'm looking at the photo it looks pretty good and the design is quite apparent, albeit a bit squished. I would like to have the first clue finished before I traipse off to PA on the Wednesday night red-eye, but we'll see. The rows are getting longer and the time is getting shorter, and I still have to pack and hunt down some Hemp hand lotion from the Body Shop to take home for my mother. Can I do it? I'll let you know tomorrow what the odds are...Now I must go rescue my stole from the sofa before Oliver removes it for me!

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Rachel said...

yes, both the postive and negative look good and quite distinct- w00t!