Sunday, July 15, 2007

Status Report: Mystery Stole 3

Well, after some intense weekend knitting, I've finished clue 2! I realize it's difficult to tell what this is looking like, since it's all crumpled up, but since I'm knitting on straight needles it's hard to stretch it out properly. I know I could do it mid-row, but that makes me nervous, so I'm just waiting until the end to really see it. But, I'm loving it so far, and miraculously I'm quite enjoying the lace knitting. I'm finding it strangly addicting, and I've even signed up for the Hanami Knitalong, which will be starting just after the finale of MS3.
Oliver has been enjoying the lace as well, and has taken a shine to the Zephyr:

So much so that Dave had to ward him off with the extra knitting needle and crochet hook on Friday night:I realize he doesn't look threatening there, but I promise you, he was going for the stole before he got into watching the tv. By the way, Dave was doing that before I got out the camera, I promise! Note that Dave is also protecting the beads in his lap (in the red lobster dish, which was a gift from Amie as part of my Knitters Tea Swap package). Good man. All the right priorities...

Edited to add: Amie reminds me that it's a crab, not a lobster, holding the beads! My bad, it was late and I wasn't paying attention. Amie, I totally agree with you that crab is superior to lobster!

The third MS3 clue came out on Friday, and I'm hoping to get somewhere close to finished with that before the giant clue this week. We have two weeks for this next clue, due to the impending release of the final (sob) Harry Potter book on Saturday. But, this next clue will be over twice as long as the previous clues, due to the extra time, so I don't want to be too far behind when I get it. Melanie says this clue, while long, will be fast to knit, so there's hope!


Shibani said...

maybe Oliver has hopes that the mystery stole is for him :)?

Amie said...

It's a crab! Maryland Crabs, Maine Lobster! (Crab is SO much better than lobster, don't let the snobs trick you.) :D

I haven't begun the MS3 yet, but I signed up because Melanie is an unbelievable designer, and I sure am enjoying seeing what everyone's producing!

Anonymous said...

The stole looks fabulous and you have an adorable cat :) Just wanted to let you know your Sockapalooza socks are in progress. Best wishes!


Oliver said...

why would you leave bright shiny things on the arm of the sofa if they aren't cat toys for me to play with?


Cari said...

I love the color of the yarn you're using for the mystery stole.