Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm Off!

As feared I did not finish the first clue of the MS3, but I only have 10 rows to go and that's certainly managable by Friday. I've really enjoyed working on it but have had limited time to do so, and although I did consider taking it on the plane, I think the beads on a plane might be problematic. Hehehe - beads on a plane...So, into the checked luggage it went (please let them not harm it if they go through my luggage). For plane knitting I brought my Chevron Scarf (not mentioned for ages, being my work project, but which is tantalizingly close to being finished) and my Sockapalooza socks. I also (yes, this is out of hand) brought all the requisite equipment to start my Anemoi Mittens, but it's also going in the checked bag. I was thinking of casting them on before I left but didn't have time and then thought starting a Fair Isle project on a plane might be dodgy. Probably fine once I've gotten a bit done, so maybe on the way back.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July and has a great weekend! Wish me luck for my 10 year high school reunion - I'm worried I might not recognize anyone!!!


Rachel said...

You will have so much fun!

Amie said...

The new horror movie - Just when you thought it was safe to walk down the aisle...

Beads On A Plane!!!!

Good luck - have fun!