Monday, July 31, 2006

At last...the poll

The sleeve is finished. Friday night, 9:43pm PST. It's long. This isn't a shock since the first sleeve was also very long for my apparently freakishly short arms. I carried on regardless, figuring I could roll up the cuffs like I have to do with every other sweater I own, although I did shorten the sleeve by about 12 rows, probably almost 2 inches. So, with the main part of the knitting finished, and the sewing/blocking/cheering/crying still to come, it is time to "Choose Emily's Next Big Project"
These are in no particular order, so don't be swayed by any inherent ordering bias. Leave a comment, let me know what you think I should knit next! And yes, I will also finish the Hike sweater, but I need something else to do as well.

Option 1) Demi, from Vintage Knits.

This will be in a darkish green tweed (Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran), or a dark purple Donegal Tweed. I'm leaning towards the green, since it's lighter and will show off the pattern more, but this sweater looks lovely in the dark brown in this photo.

Option 2) Salina, from Vintage Knits.

This one I have the actual recommended yarn for, in dusky navy blue Rowan Felted Tweed (is that a color or have I just made it up? Anyway, it's navy, but lighter). This baby could be made in the round and is the simplest option, I think. I intend to look happier when I wear mine.

Option 3) Rogue, from The Girl from Auntie.

This was intended to be my next sweater, way back last fall when I had good intentions of finishing Hike much faster than I did. I have the yarn, light blue Rowanspun Aran. In fact I have enough yarn to make two of these, since it was a huge deal from Ebay that involved getting a whole bag, and this stuff comes in huge skeins.

Option 4) Asymetrical Cabled Vest, from Loop d'Loop.

That is a horrible photo. I bet this woman is quite attractive, but that face she's making is really doing nothing for her. However, in reality this vest is quite cute and reminds me a bit of DNA. Plus, it has an adorable matching hat. And the gauge is huge, so it would go quickly. I'd wear it more like a sweater, over long-sleeved t-shirts, hence it's in the potential sweater section. I have some Rowan Polar (not tweed!) purchased for this item. Or anything with comparably huge gauge, say the Lace Leaf Pullover (option 5): I also have a few side options, without photos. I had intended to knit a vest for someone who shall remain nameless in case he/she reads the blog, but I've not really found the perfect pattern. I thought I had, but the more I look at it the less it calls to me. So I'm still looking for that, but I could get on with some zeal if you all think it wise. Then there is the option of making something summery, say a tank top. I have several patterns and appropriate yarn, and this might be a good choice since it would be simple (fewer pieces=less finishing=better chance of getting it done). But the sweaters call to me as better things to knit, since knitted tank tops seem slightly oxymoronic to me. And summer is fleeting in Seattle. In fact, after our brief wave of hellish heat we're now back in the 60s, 40s at night, and a sweater sounds like just the ticket. And a scarf. Maybe even a hat and mittens. I love it here but I'd really appreciate some warm evenings!

Okay, the poll is open. What should I make? You've got until Wednesday. Speak now or forever hold your peace (until we do this again, say next summer, when I finish whatever I'm about to start)! By the way, I do have an opinion about what I would like to make, but I'm interesting in getting opinions, so I'm keeping it to myself. Maybe you'll all agree with me...


K, your SP8 said...

I love them all! But 1 and 5 are my favorites.


4 & 5!
PS Beaded Cami gauge? Uuummmm... I'll get back to u on that one!