Friday, July 28, 2006

Stitch and Pitch

Last Tuesday was our 2nd Annual Stitch and Pitch here in Seattle. The girls and I headed on down, picked up our totebags, and proceeded to watch the Mariners get whupped by the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite the disasterous game (of course that's a matter of perspectdive - the Blue Jays fans, who seemed to dominate the crowd, were probably quite happy with the proceedings), we had a great time. The sweater sleeve was worked on:

Garlic fries and nachos were consumed. No beer for me though, since I can't drink and knit, even stockinette. The sleeve would've gone totally crooked.

Daisy made some sock progress:
And Jennifer won this fantastic basket from Michaels (I think):

The basket is chock full of yarn as well as a Learn-to-Knit book and kit with tons of nifty knitting gadgets, and some of those bizarre circular knitting frames that remind me of the loop potholder kits that were everywhere when I was growing up. They gave away quite a few of these giant baskets, which was really impressive when you think how much is in them, and that they were (I think) free raffle tickets.

I promise to get back to more regular posting now that the herpes meeting is over and done with. It was totally exhausting. Too much beer, too much science, too many late nights and early mornings. And NOT enough knitting. I think I can finish the sleeve this weekend if I put my mind to it...And then you guys can decide what sweater/garment I knit next! I have the potential victims all lined up for a photo display in my next post...

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Anonymous said...

Yep, the basket was from Michaels and the raffle ticket was free. It held 4 skeins of yarn, a learn to knit kit, a 4-pack of various sized Knifty Knitters and size 50 needles.

Thanks for posting about our fun night!