Monday, July 31, 2006

New Rowan Magazine!!!

The new Rowan magazine is out! I have to admit, I've been unreasonably excited about this since about mid-June. I first encountered the Rowan magazines last summer, when I bought Rowan 37 (which is where Hike was found, as well as the now-ripped out Elspeth, and many other patterns I love). However, in my view Rowan has been in a downhill slide ever since, and each magazine has disappointed me, especially since I had high standards after having found so many things I liked in my first Rowan experience. However, from the small, too dark photos on the webpage, there is hope. I think I see several lovely sweaters and some great armwarmers. So, I guess I'll be taking a bit of time off tomorrow to go peruse this baby and see if there are any sweaters good enough to be added to the queue!

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