Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fiberphiles Lace-a-long Update

I was told at lunch yesterday, in no uncertain terms, that Daisy was indeed starting a new project for our lunchtime lace knitting project (although she is also still working on her lacy socks). So I thought I would recap what everyone is knitting:
Rachel, Pam, and I: Print o' the Wave stole, from Eunny Jang. Rachel is using SeaSilk, Pam something I'm not sure of, and I am using teal kid mohair from Wagtail Yarns, which I showed off a few days back. I plan to incorporate some beads into the border of mine, but that decision will be made much later (aka don't hold your breath for me to actually be knitting the border of this stole).
Daisy: Persimmon Lace stole, from the Summer issue of Knitters Magazine. She is using red(ish) Blue Sky Alpacas alpaca. We've not seen this yet but she is wisely working on it at home and getting used to the pattern.
Jennifer: Adamas Shawl, by Miriam Felton, in Knit Picks Shadow, Jewel I believe.
Shibani: Shibani is a new member to our group, and picked up her knitting needles a few weeks ago. However, she has taken to knitting like a fish to water, and is contemplating starting some lace of her own. Brave girl, this one!

As for me, I've swatched. And I've had a lot of issues. Not with the pattern, but with my method of making yarnovers, which is apparently backwards. If you're a regular reader of my blog you might recall that I was always having problems with my yarnovers not really leaving large holes, and I finally figured out (on an airplane working on socks) that I could solve that problem by knitting the yarnover through the back loop on the next row. However, this only works when you are knitting in the round, since otherwise you are purling the next row. That's what I was doing last night, and I started purling through the back loop, which worked to leave nice holes, but also left me with twisted stitches that confused the hell out of me when it came time to do things like K2tog and SSKs, which come at you fast and furious in this pattern. So, my swatch is a bit weird but pretty much correct, and gives me an idea that my needles are bit too small and that my lovely unhaloed-in-the-skein mohair is making quite the halo when knitted. Thus I will be going up a needle size. Rachel also solved my yarnover problem with the obvious solution of making the yarnovers the other way. What I was doing before was bringing the yarn over the needle so the yarnover came from the back, but what I should be doing is bring the yarn forward as if to purl, and then just doing the next stitch. I did a few rows like this and can report that it did indeed fix my problems, so once again Rachel has saved me from knitting disaster! It might take me some time to get used to this, but hopefully I'll adapt...I plan to get my new needles (It is unfathomable to me that I don't have size 3 or 4 straight or circular needles, with the needle stash I have. I had to swatch on DPNs) this evening and cast on! Photos as soon as there is significant progress, I promise.


Daisy said...

I was mistaken when I said the yarn I'm using for "Persimmon Lace" was Blue Sky. It turns out that I am using "Misti Alpaca" in lipstick. And I have 6 whole rows completed.

K, your SP8 said...

Looks like you enjoy the same color range in yarn that I do. :-)