Monday, July 03, 2006

Thanks Kim!!!

My detailed trip blogging with resume shortly, but first I want to send a big thank you to my June colorswap partner, Kim. My package arrived on Friday, and it was full of excellent goodies: Here we have a blue Chibi, some candy, and some really soft Austermann Step yarn, which I noticed Kim had just used to make some lovely socks. I'm excited to try out this yarn - it has jojoba and aloe extracts! How did she know I have such dry skin? And, notice the object in the upper right? That is a handmade DPN holder! Here is the inside:
I can't believe she made this for me! I had really been needing one, and this is perfect. All weekend I was picking it up and telling Dave how cool it was. So, thank you very much Kim, and your package is on its way! Sorry it's late : (

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Kim said...

Hi Emily, I am so happy that the package made it's way to you and you are happy with it. The felt on the outside was Woolen Rabbit fiber that I blended with some silk and then felted. It was a fun experiment. I know it isn't perfect, but it holds the needles really well ;-)...(I made one for me too...LOL)

Have fun knitting with that yarn. Todate it is my favorite sock yarn to knit with and wear ;-)