Friday, May 26, 2006

Clapotis Update

It's been forever since I even mentioned my Clapotis, so here she is, after 4 repeats:

That is my desk at work, and the Clapotis is perched elegantly over Dave's laptop, which he is generously allowing me to use while I rewrite part of my thesis proposal and prepare my committee meeting talk (ah, graduate school). I'm also using his camera - this relationship is working out quite well in the technology sector! Anyway, I love, love, love this yarn, which I got on Ebay for next to nothing for how nice it is. I would love to make a sweater with it but I feel like it might not stand up well to abuse, since it seems to be single-ply merino. It's very soft and a little bit fuzzy. I'll see with the Clapotis if we have a piling situation and decide on a sweater accordingly.

I also tried to start my May Project Spectrum socks several times in the last couple of days, and failed miserably because I couldn't figure out the toe-up thing. However, Rachel came to my rescue and wrote me a hopefully clear short row toe pattern, which I will commence with this evening. You'll see the early goings soon... Of course, it's almost June so I'm a bit behind, but I've been busy and there were the Mother's Day socks (which had green in them!), but since blue is my second favorite color after green (and I'll be on vacation a bit) maybe I'll be more on top of a blue project. Lord knows I have plenty of blue yarn, and I'll be spending a lot of time on airplanes in June (know any good yarn shops in London? Let me know!), so there will be lots of knitting.

I've been keeping close tabs on the Knitters Tea Swap blog, and so many people have their packages...I'm getting antsy for mine, I'm so excited to get it after seeing all the other ones! My secret pal has been sending me cute email cards, including a lovely photo of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from near her house in SF. Yesterday I got a real card in the mail and I can't wait to get my first package! This is my first Secret Pal exchange so I'm pretty excited about it (can you tell?!?)

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Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, I love the yarn you're using for your Clapotis, it looks exactly as soft as you've described it, and the colors are awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of your Clapotis as well as your socks - you'll see, the toes will be done in an instant and then you'll be able to do them while sleeping as it'll come so easy to you! Have fun knitting!