Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A wonderful surprise!

I got home yesterday, all in a rush after a busy day, and found a package slip on my mailbox. Our office closes at 6:00, and this was about 6:15, so I was lucky someone was still there to get my box for me. I was very confused, since I wasn't really expecting anything (although it is my birthday next week, so early present?), and the lack of return address on the box confused me even more. By the time I got upstairs with the mystery box, I was so intrigued I could hardly stand it (this is true - I get really excited about packages, even when I do know what they are). Inside the box I found this:
This excellent assortment is from Thia, my May Project: Colorswap pal! She went all out, having read my post for a couple weeks ago where I was all tangled in handdyed yarn I was attempting (for the 3rd time) to reskein. So, she sent me a niddy-noddy (1.5 meter), a nostepinne, and some leaf green dye (in keeping with May=green). Thia, thank you SO much, I'm very happy with my package, you should've heard me gushing about it! I promise your box will be on its way soon! Here is the niddy-noddy in use, with the same yarn as I was messing with before: And the lovely skein I made with it (finally a reasonable size):

The more times I reskein look at this yarn the more I like it. However, I now hope to not deal with it again until it gets made into a ball and used for some garishly bright socks! The colors in the previous photo are more true to reality...

There is some added humor to this story. Dave came home after me, having gone to the gym and then shopping for my birthday present. As soon as he walked in the door, I pounced on him and gushed about my package. At which point he said, all crestfallen, "I guess I'll have to think of something else for your birthday." He had gone to Acorn Street (man in a knitting shop!) and gotten the same exact niddy-noddy! What are the chances? I'm pretty sure he was trying to get out of ever having to help with the yarn untangling chaos again, and to prevent my father from having to make a niddy-noddy, so it was a good idea. Now he's taking it back and coming up with another idea. Thanks again Thia, you were spot-on with what to send - it's perfect and will get lots of use!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
So glad you liked it! Glad I could
provide some mystery too (unmarked box).
Happy Birthday in advance and tell poor
Dave that I'm sorry that he has to head back to the knit shop, twice in one week...cruel!